What we do

What we do

W&M consultants are mostly involved in topics related to risk management, for which our clients are being exposed through their positions in the financial markets, but also, in issues relevant for the Front-Offices of the Trading Room. Relying on our knowledge and expertise, we assist our clients, according to their needs, in all or several steps of their projects, from designing the solution to implementation and support.

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Business analysis, in particular, in the field of Risk Management, is historically the core business of the firm. W&M work with different aspects in this area :
  • Front-Office : pricing, risk monitoring, support
  • Market Risk
  • Counterparty and Credit Risk
  • Development of financial solutions


W&M’s know-how in the field of commodities is widely recognised, and this activity has become our speciality. Our experts are involved in several highly qualified projects, such as:
  • Audit of risk and trading applications
  • Analysis and implementation of new functionalities
  • Training and support for Traders and Risk managers
  • Research and innovation

Quantitative Finance1449607968_magnifier-dollar-coin

W&M perform model validations, and assist our clients by providing studies and recommendations. We are promoting our offer in programming of financial solutions, focusing on, pricing libraries and model calibrations.

  • Metrics and model recommendation
  • Model validation
  • Impact studies
  • Test and optimization

Asset Management1449607932_document-dollar

Asset Management requires a dynamical and structured risk approach. W&M is providing the professional knowledge and expertise helping our clients with the implementation of sophisticated control applications, including:

  • Specific rules for investment stratégies
  • Implementation of limit monitoring applications
  • Back testing of the track record and quality
  • Project management and regulatory obligations