In the heart of the financial markets, our mission is to anticipate the evolutions of the financial industry, and to assist our clients in the optimisation of their information systems and organisations. Here are some examples of our previous work experiences :


Audit of a commodity trading system1449607928_monitor-graphs

On behalf of a leading company in the commodity business, W&M was selected to perform :
  • Audit of the PnL and Risk application in order to improve the use and proper functioning of the system
  • Performance optimisation of the risk analysis
  • Training of Traders and IT staff
  • Provide functional and technical recommendations


Selling a license of our commodity trading tool1449607916_graphs

On behalf of a leading industrial group, W&M sold and implemented our trading solution for market data management. The client is running the application in production since 2014, we continue to develop new functionality and to guarantee maintenance as well as functional and technical support.
  • Installation of the tool
  • Technical advice for linking data bases
  • Configuration of data structures
  • Validation of the system in the client environment
  • Training of Traders and Risk Managers
  • Support and maintenance


Audit of the internal market risk model1449607923_finance-scale_blue

On behalf of a big investment bank, W&M prepared the audit of the internal market risk model (VaR), carried out by the French Financial Services Authority.
  • Analysis of the existing model and of the operational production procedures for risk control and communication
  • Writing a report of the model with attention to the internal audit team, compliant with the demands of the French Financial Services Authority.
  • Writing a recommendation note


Project Management1449607943_chart-pie

On behalf of a leading Investment Manager Group, W&M assisted the business analyst team with the project management regarding the market risk consolidation of the Groups legal entities.
  • Gathering and analysing requirements
  • Feasibility study, configuration of the information system
  • Estimation of the workload together with the development team
  • Time reporting and planning
  • Project management